ELLs or English Language Learners are one of the fastest growing groups among the school aged population. As a subgroup in the K-12 population, these students raise challenges for educators who often mistake good conversational skills for English proficiency. However, studies have shown that since many of these ELL students have been enrolled in U.S. schools since a young age, by upper elementary level, they no longer have a formal designation to receive support. Often they have strong conversational skills but tend to lack mastery of academic language necessary for success with academic text. Often ELL students struggle with vocabulary, reading, syntax, and writing.

GrammarActive® aligns with recent educational research which reveals practical approaches to enhancing learning for all learning profiles. GrammarActive® Parts of Speech Series has integrated those strategies into its supplemental curriculum:

  • Scaffolding (temporary support system) starting with explicit, step by step instruction and gradually allowing students more independence as they master the skills.
  • Differentiated instruction-allows different levels to work at various paces
  • Clear objectives in place-students have clear expectations set
  • Ability to practice language with peers
  • High quality curriculum and lesson outcomes
  • Use of graphics, pictures, colors to augment instruction
  • Engage students in the learning process via games, activities, songs, etc…
  • Reinforce content being taught before moving to next topic
  • Increase new vocabulary exposure with each level
  • Connect language instruction to reading and writing

Students of all ages and abilities thrive when given choices regarding how they can engage in classroom activities successfully. When students are excited about learning and see progress, they begin to take ownership, which leads to better academic success.

GrammarActive® Parts of Speech Series is an action-packed interactive program that engages both teachers and students in the study of the eight parts of speech, complex sentence patterns, punctuation, clauses, editing, writing applications, and usage within literary context. Our program is especially useful for students of all ages striving to master the English Language.

GrammarActive® Parts of Speech Series provides teachers with an effective, engaging, instructional method.

Product Overview

Each Parts of Speech volume includes the following:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Integration of grammar, writing, and literature
  • Thorough teacher and student instructional guides
  • Reinforcement games after each lesson
  • Approximately 200 pages activity sheets, games, review sheets and assessments
  • Materials delivered in both print and on CD-ROM
  • Shape and color-coded magnetic (or vinyl) flashcard manipulatives for use with the exciting interactive games and activities.
  • Hands on activities—students can use magnetic cards to transform sentences from simple to compound, from compound to complex, and more!
  • Flesch-Kincaid and EDL grade level tested from 6th – 12th grade reading and vocabulary levels.
  • Activities that will engage attention-challenged students and students with other learning differences.

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GrammarActive® has been throughly researched and has been proven to improve test performance by 43%.

Ideal for the following groups:
Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
Middle School
High School
Special Education

Review the National Curriculum Correlations:
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