By high school, students are ready to focus on more advanced language and usage skills such as analyzing purposeful use of language, revising and editing to be more effective writers, and recognizing elements of grammar in their writing. GrammarActive Parts of Speech Series helps students to improve their revising and editing skills which leads to more effective writing. Many students need practice and instruction to master syntax and to understand why a certain form or usage is appropriate for their writing and speaking – it’s essential for articulate communication. It is also essential for most standardized college admission exams, most notably, SAT and ACT. If students are not empowered with “why” a certain sentence structure works, then they have to rely solely on “because it sounds right.” Our students deserve better than that! The GrammarActive® Parts of Speech program is designed to take the mystery (and for some the misery) out of learning grammar and syntax. We want “fun” and “grammar” to happily coexist, and our program is making that happen in classrooms around the country.

Each GrammarActive® Parts of Speech Series is an action-packed interactive program that actively engages both teachers and students in the study of the eight parts of speech, sentence patterns, punctuation, clauses, editing, writing applications, and usage within literary context.

The three instructional levels presented in each volume range from basic concepts to advanced skills, allowing teachers to differentiate each lesson to meet the needs of the students. All level three activities incorporate themes, plots, and characters from classic and contemporary literature (over 30 works cited) into the grammar instruction. The action-packed grammar activities encourage the development of grammar proficiency necessary for a lifetime of articulate oral and written communication.

GrammarActive® Parts of Speech Series helps students with revising and editing, which leads to more effective writing.

Product Overview:

Each Parts of Speech volume includes the following:

  • Differentiated instruction and activities to reach all learners – includes levels one, two, and three
  • Approximately 200 pages of teacher and student guides, answer keys, activity sheets, games, review sheets, magnetic cards and punctuation, assessments, and more
  • Materials delivered in both print and on CD ROM (for easy display)
  • Shape and color-coded magnetic (or vinyl) flashcard manipulatives to use with the exciting interactive games and activities provided.
  • Shape and color-coded magnetic flashcard manipulatives for use with the interactive games.
  • Flesch-Kincaid and EDL grade level testing from 6th-12th grade reading and vocabulary levels.
  • Activities that will engage attention-challenged students and students with other learning differences.
  • Options to use activities as daily mini lessons or as full lessons

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GrammarActive® has been throughly researched and has been proven to improve test performance by 43%.

Ideal for the following groups:
Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
Middle School
High School
Special Education

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