GrammarActive Volume 1 – Nouns and Pronouns



Option #1: Everything delivered in each binder

Includes over 200 pages of instructions, pre-tests, worksheets, games, activities, over 150 parts of speech magnetic flashcards, and assessments delivered as hard copies that teachers can hand out to students and display on an overhead projector, and on a CD giving teachers the option to project all of the materials directly from a computer for classroom participation.

Nouns and Pronouns lessons are arranged in a scaffolding manner so new skills are built upon those students have mastered. Each lesson offers at least three levels, enabling students at varying levels to work on different skills. The levels progress from 1 to 3 (easiest to most difficult). All level three activities tie in plots from contemporary and classic, age appropriate literature.. Students master singular, plural, and possessive usage through differentiated practice and review.

Pronoun lessons prepare students to face the rigors of subject-verb agreement as well as case, number, and person usage in their writing. Indefinite Pronoun number and agreement is thoroughly covered. Because these skill checks appear quite often on standardized testing (especially SATs) we have incorporated many review games and activities.

Option #2: CD Only - Teacher prints out activities and over 150 parts of speech flash cards

Includes easy-to-use CD ROM with over 200 pages of instructions, pre-tests , worksheets, games, activities and assessments that teachers can print or project from a computer.

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Purchase all 4 Volumes and SAVE 10%

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GrammarActive® has been throughly researched and has been proven to improve test performance by 43%.

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Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
Middle School
High School
Special Education

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